Jody Fried, Ben Doyle, and Samantha Sheehan are officers on the Network’s steering team.

The Vermont Creative Network Works on Three Levels

1. statewide: the Network steering team

The Steering Team monitors Network progress at the highest level, overseeing strategic planning and assessment processes and convening the Network annually. The team includes representatives from five original partner agencies and six creative zones. The team also benefits from an array of key creative sector voices. Additionally, there is a seat for a creative sector funder and a Vermont Arts Council board member.

2. regional: six creative zones

At the grassroots level, the Network comprises six creative zones. Creative sector activities and projects are managed by a self-governed, collective impact leadership team of diverse regional voices. In each zone, an agent is accountable to the Network for meetings, reports, and evaluations.

The zones are: 3CVT, Addison/Rutland, Chittenden County, Four-County, Northeast Kingdom, and Southern Vermont.

3. backbone

The Vermont Arts Council serves as the backbone organization (one of five necessary principals of collective impact). Its primary roles are to facilitate development of the Network, operate Network convenings, conduct and report research on the creative sector, and communicate broadly about progress.