Graphic recorderVCN Strides Forward (Network strategies)

The Vermont Creative Network is based on collective impact models and uses Results-Based Accountability as a planning and evaluation tool. Building on input from hundreds of Vermonters and the leadership of a strategic overview task force, the Vermont Creative Network’s guiding outcomes and indicators will inform the development of a three-year strategic plan.


The Network’s overarching statement: Vermont’s creative sector advances positive quality of life and economic outcomes.


We know that the work of Vermont’s creative sector is being accomplished when these four measurable indicators are visibly at work.

  1. Vermont’s creative sector will thrive as a significant element of the state’s general and economic well-being.
  2. The story of the Vermont’ s creative riches will be told.
  3. Collective energies for community based planning and development will advance the state’s overall well-being.
  4. In the creative sector, common points of interest will be identified, advocated and promoted.

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