The Vermont Creative Network seeks to include the many robust aspects of Vermont’s creative sector an, in turn, enliven the well-being of our communities as well as our economies. Not limited to just the arts or culture, Vermont’s creative sector embraces organizations (for-profit and nonprofit) and individuals engaged in the creative sector’s sub-sections:

Visual Arts and Crafts
Performing Arts
Literary Arts and Publishing
Film and Media
Culture and Heritage
Artisan Foods

The Network was formally approved by the board of the Vermont Arts Council as one of three fiftieth-anniversary initiatives (2015). The Network was officially established by the Vermont Legislature in May 2016.

Preparation for Network construction included idea testing with nearly two dozen Vermont thought leaders, community forums in 14 Vermont towns (over 800 participants), an online survey (over 200 participants), a strategic overview planning session, and visits with organizations and individuals and organizations across the state.

The Vermont Creative Network works, by design, at the grassroots level and at the grasstops.