Since early 2016, a group of passionate arts professionals — in cooperation with the City of South Burlington — have been exploring the possibility of developing a creative arts complex in South Burlington’s new central downtown district. Now incorporated as a Vermont nonprofit, the South Burlington City Center for the Arts, has conducted focus group interviews, hosted a City Council meeting, and had several meetings with potential stakeholders.

Inspiration for South Burlington City Center for the Arts has come from a variety of similar projects that have been successful in transforming other communities. One such example is the Victoria Gardens Cultural Center in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

A feasibility study scheduled to will begin in January 2017. This will result in recommendations regarding programs, governance, and operational models that would best help fulfill the organization’s mission, which, as written in its bylaws, is “to elevate, enrich and expand hearts and minds on the stage, in studio, in class and in the community by employing and encouraging development of the creative arts in South Burlington’s City Center and beyond.” Stay tuned!

— Tim Barden and his wife, Jennifer Marshall, operate Spotlight Vermont.